Please read carefully

Definition: In this statement the word “Active Weekends activity” includes any activity as hiking, winter snowshoe hiking, rock climbing, via-ferrata, trail running, mountain bike tour or electric mountain bike tour, camping, transport from the accommodation to the activity destination and back to the accommodation organized by Active Weekends SRL, CUI 41212191, J12/2313/03.06.2019 located in Cluj Napoca.

I agree to remain calm and not to request any compensation for any loss, loss of property and personal injury (including death) that I may suffer as a result of my participation in Active Weekends activities.

Through this statement I liberate of any responsibilities and obligations the organiser/mountain guide, regarding the loss or destruction of personal belongings, injuries and in extreme conditions, even death, that I might suffer as a result of my participation in these activities.

I hereby declare that I took notice of the information regarding the difficulties of the tours, about the physical effort at which I will be exposed, and about the mandatory gear required, especially the importance of hiking boots, a warm sweater and a raincoat.

I hereby declare that I do not suffer from any serious diseases that might stop me in making physical effort.

I am aware that by participating in Active Weekends activities I will be exposed to some objective risks that can’t be controlled entirely:

AVALANCES, STONE FALLS, ICE FALLS, OR CORNER FALLS – which can occur frequently on the terrain where the turn takes place and can be caused by the forces of nature including: inclination of the slope, layers of snow, ice, stones; glacier instability, by changing weather conditions; by other climbers or skiers, by helicopter or various other reasons.

WEATHER: strong storm/ fog, lightning strikes, rain, strong wind, extreme temperatures.

TERRAIN: avalanches, steep slopes with risks of sleeping, rocks falling, floods, landslides, trees falling, altitudes which require acclimatization.

ANIMALS, PLANTS, INSECTS – WILD OR POISONOUS – which are unpredictable in nature and can affect or attack tourists.

DISEASES: Diseases that can occur from altitude, water, plants, animals and the difficulty of keeping the hygiene during the activity.

TRANSPORT: the risks of traveling with a vehicle on public roads.

APPROACH TO MEDICAL CARE – which may not be available or effective during the tour

I accept all dangers and risks that I will be exposed to during Active Weekends activities including the risks described and the possibility of personal injury including death, property damage, loss or expense resulting from it.

I agree that we need to take all the precautions in order to reduce the risks and increase the safety of the group, but it’s not possible to have a 100% safety environment in the outdoors.

I hereby declare that I accept the risks and dangers that can occur in the Active Weekends activities and I agree with the terms and conditions of this statement.

I confirm that I have the proper age and that I have read the statement and understood the terms and conditions before I signed it. I also confirm that I take full responsibility of my child safety.

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

As per the new regulations EU (679/2016) which refers to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) I hereby declare that I agree with the use of my personal contact details of the organiser for invoices, e-mails with origanizatoric information, Facebook posts and phone calls in case of emergencies.


The hiking trails difficulty differs from one place we visit to another, depending on the number of walking hours, and the level difference which we ascend and descend, as it follows:

Very easy hikes (GREEN): Easy walks and sightseeing with duration up to 3 hours with elevation up to 200 meters.

Easy hikes (BLUE):   3-4 hours, with a level difference up to 500 meters. These tours are recommended for beginners, tourists without any mountain experience but fit to engage some physical effort.

Moderate hikes (RED): between 5 and 7 hours, with a level difference up to 900 meters. Occasionally these trails can have some steep/dangerous sections which DON’T require technical gear or rope. These tours are recommended for hikers with an average level of fitness, and are performing, occasionally or recurrently, some type of physical activities or sports, and are capable of sustaining a constant level of physical effort.

Intense (not extreme!) hikes (BLACK): between 8 to 9 hours with a level difference up to 1500 meters, steep ascending and descending and 1 or more dangerous sections which require extra focus.  These tours are recommended for experienced hikers, with a good level of fitness, accustomed with mountain trails, hike regularly or who are constantly practicing physical activities (sports, etc.)


The tours bookings are confirmed when a pre-payment is receieved from the client. The pre-payment amount is decided based on the total value / services within the tour.

In case of cancellation the money will be refunded as per bellow:

  1. 100 % refund if cancellation notice is received 1 month before the tour.
  2. 50% refund if cancellation notice is received 1 week  before the tour.
  3. 0 % refund if cancellation notice is received less than 1 week before the tour.


Recommended gear: In order to be able to fully enjoy the tour, there is some basic hiking gear required: hiking boots with adherent sole, waterproof and preferably with high ankles, breathable t-shirt, warm blouse (in a bag in the backpack), jacket (waterproof), rain coat, hiking poles (optional), small backpack aprox 30, 2 l water bottle, sunscreen, sun hat, food for the trail (sandwiches, carbohydrate-rich energy bars, granola, trail mix and fruit provide an instant pick-me-up on the trail,a bag for the waste).

*For winter hiking the company will provide you with: snowshoes, avalanche tranceivers (if the case), gaiters, hamlets.

TOURS FLEXIBILITY – Depending on the group request, physical condition of the participants, weather conditions etc., tours can be altered on the spot.