Ecotourism: The “Active Weekends” tours have been set concordantly with the principles of ecotourism. We respect and promote a responsible, eco-friendly approach over the environment and over the people from the areas which we visit.  Environmental protection and sustainable development are the main guidelines for our tours.

Tours difficulty: the hiking trails difficulty differs from one place we visit to another, depending on the number of walking hours, and the level difference which we ascend and descend, as it follows:

Easy hikes: between 2 and 4 hours, with a level difference up to 500 meters. These tours are recommended for beginners, tourists without any mountain experience but fit to engage some physical effort.

Moderate hikes: between 4 and 7 hours, with a level difference up to 800 meters. These tours are recommended for hikers with an average level of fitness, and are performing, occasionally or recurrently, some type of physical activities or sports, and are capable of sustaining a constant level of physical effort.

Intense (not extreme!) hikes: between 8 to 9 hours with a level difference up to 1500 meters. These tours are recommended for experienced hikers, with a good level of fitness, accustomed with mountain trails, hike regularly or who are constantly practicing physical activities (sports, etc.)

Mountain risks: Safety is the most important aspect of any tour. However, when we are going into the mountains, especially in remote, wild areas, you must be aware that there are some risks that can’t be prevented. By choosing “Active Weekends” hiking tours you are assuming full responsibility for any accidents that can occur during the tour.

Recommended gear: In order to be able to fully enjoy the tour, there is some basic hiking gear required (hiking boots, rain coat, a warm blouse, hiking poles, headlamps, small backpack, and water bottle). For more details about the hiking gear please click HERE.

Food on the trail: as the tours are starting at an early hour it is recommended that we breakfast somewhere at 7:00 – 7:15 am. For most of the tours, at the end of the day, it will be possible to enjoy a hot meal at a traditional guest house, but be aware that during the hike you must have some food with you (sandwiches, carbohydrate-rich energy bars, granola, trail mix and fruit provide an instant pick-me-up on the trail)

Transportation: depending on the tour location and the group size, transportation will be provided either by small car (4 seats, plus driver) or by minibus (7 seats, plus driver).

Accommodation:  for the two-day and multi-day tours, we have traditional guest houses where we will rest and eat; however, if you prefer, tents can be used for sleeping in order to best enjoy the outdoors. In this case, a tent, hemiterpene and sleeping bag are added to the mandatory gear.

Tours flexibility – Depending on the group request, physical condition of the participants, weather conditions etc., tours can be altered on the spot.