• Bride Veil waterfall
  • White Rocks
  • Stanciului Gorge


Be ready to explore Vladeasa massif together with one of the most spectacular hiking routes in the Western Carpathians! In this tour you will witness the spectacular scenery of the Apuseni Natural Park together with two of the most impressive nature sites in the area: Bride Veil Waterfall, a natural wonder of 30 meters high and the White Rocks, a rocky formation which rises steep towards the sky, surrounded by ancient spruce forests. Close to the White Rocks, at another 1h30 min hike we can reach Vladeasa Mountain top (1836 meters) the second mountain top in Apuseni mountains, which is l a perfect viewpoint in all directions!

Transportation: We will leave from Cluj-Napoca, and return to the city by private car or minibus (depending on the size of the group)

Recommended group size: 1 to 8 people

Flexibility: The tour is flexible and can be altered on the spot, depending on the group request, weather condition, and your physical training.


  • Type: Hiking
  • Recommended gear: hiking boots, jacket (waterproof), rain coat, a warm blouse, hiking poles (optional), headlamps, small backpack aprox 30 L , 1.5 l water bottle, sunscreen, hat or slapstick as protection from the sun, food for the trail.
  • Difficulty: Medium (6-7 h hiking with 700-800 meters elevation
  • Distance from Cluj-Napoca: 1h45 min drive