“The true taste of wilderness”


Apuseni Nature Park – Bihor Mountains (Apuseni Mountains)


The Apuseni Nature Park is a place of tradition and wilderness, and one of the largest, well-cured places in Europe. The picturesque ‘Padis’ area is considered to be one of the most beautiful carst landscapes on the continent. It is the perfect place to be for any true nature lover. Its hundreds of caves, secular luxuriant forests, glades covered with flowers offer an unforgettable experience for any true nature lover.



Day 1: Drive from Cluj-Napoca to Casa de Piatră (Stone house village) where we will visit Tăuz emergence which is a wonderful nature site (Bear Grylls filmed here). From here we will go and visit Coiba Mare and Coiba Mică caves and Vârtop Glacier which is declared monument of nature. It is of a rare beauty every centimeter is covered by incredible and beautiful colored conretions as in a fairy world. After we visit the glacier we head towards Scărișoara hamlet,  located at an altitude of 1200 meters, we will visit the Scărișoara Glacier (the biggest underground glacier in Europe). The accommodation will be in Scărișoara hamlet at a traditional guesthouse. 

  • Hiking 2 hours 
  • Difficulty easy  (blue)
  • Accommodation in Scărișoara hamlet at a traditional guest house.

Day 2: Transfer from Scărișoara to Padiș, the heart of the Apuseni Nature Park. In our first day in Padiș we will see the beautiful Ponor Glade andThe Natural Citadels of Ponor (Cetățile Ponorului) which are considered the main attraction of Padiș. They consist of three gigantic dells (sinkholes), linked together by a system of passages and caves. . In the evening we will make a short visit to the Glăvoi Glade where the locals are waiting for us with campfire, local culinary specialities and good cold beer. Accommodation in Padiș.

  • Hiking 5 hours 
  • Difficulty moderate (red – elevation 500 meters)
  • Accommodation in Padiș

Day 3: This day is dedicated to some relaxing hikes and visiting a spectacular view point: The Galbenei Rock (Piatra Galbenei), a great pinnacle over the southern basin of the Padiș regionAccommodation in Padiș.

  • Hiking 4 hours 
  • Difficulty moderate (red – elevation 350 meters)
  • Accommodation in Padiș

Day 4: This is the day when we will hike through the breathtaking Galbenei Gorge and Chasm of Borţig, where lays the second largest Glacier in Romania. The Glabenei Gorge trail is indeed spectacular and it’s considered to be one of the most impressive hiking trails in Romania. Accommodation in Padiș.

  • Hiking 7 hours 
  • Difficulty moderate towards intense (red – elevation 900 meters)
  • Accommodation in Padiș

Day 5: Before we return to Cluj Napoca we will visit two of the most impressive caves in Romania: The Bears Cave and Meziad Cave. After you will be stunned by the underground formations (stalactites, stalagmites and crystals) we will say goodbye to Apuseni Nature Park and we will drive back to Cluj Napoca city. 

  • Caving
  • Easy walk
  • Transfer to Cluj Napoca,

Transportation: We will leave from Cluj-Napoca, and return to the city by private car or minibus (depending on the size of the group)

Recommended group size: 1 to 7 people

Flexibility: The tour is flexible and can be altered on the spot, depending on the group request, number of days available, weather condition, and your physical training. The modeate hikes can be modified in easy based on your request.

Fore more details regarding the tour please contact me at: contact@activeweekends.ro

  • Type: Hiking/caving/sightseeing
  • Recommended gear: Hiking boots/rain coat/small backpack/hiking sticks/water bootle/headlamps
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Distance from Cluj: 3.5 h drive