“The palace of salt, the fortress of rock”


City of Turda and the Trascău Mountains (Apuseni Mountains)


  • Turda Gorge
  • Turda salt mine


Get ready to discover two of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Romania: the Turda Gorge and the ancient salt mines of Turda.

Salt has been extracted out of the hills of Turda for more than two millennia, while the mines here have continuously produced salt from the middle-ages, up to 1932. The chambers, tunnels and galleries form into a palace of salt hundreds of meters into the guts of the earth. After being refurbished, in 2008, the mines of Turda became a main tourist attraction, and a must-see for anyone passing through these parts.

A few kilometers away, however, another monumental site is found: the Turda Gorge. The nature reserve of Turda Gorge is truly impressive and will worth your while. The trail we follow goes by the river, through the gorge, and will reveal a unique and superb overview.

The gorge is 1.3 kilometers long, and is towered by walls of rock up to 200 meters high. The landscape is dominated by tall, steep rocks, sharp peaks, rock towers, debris-slides, over 50 caves, arches and alcoves.This places is home to over 1.000 species of plants and animals, many of them being protected species.

Click here for the foto gallery of Turda’s Salt mine!

Transportation: We will leave from Cluj-Napoca, and return to the city by private car or minibus (depending on the size of the group)

Recommended group size: 1 to 8 people

Flexibility: The tour is flexible and can be altered on the spot, depending on the group request, weather condition, and your physical training.







  • Type: Hiking and cultural sightseeing
  • Recommended gear: Hiking boots/rain coat/small backpack/hiking sticks/water bootle
  • Difficulty: Moderate: (4.5 – 5 hours hiking with level difference 620 meters ascending and 620 meters descending)
  • Distance from Cluj-Napoca: 40 minutes drive