“The Carpathian Pearl”


Great Mountain Massif (in the Apuseni Mountains)


  • The ancient wooden huts in the mountain hamlets of Zăpodie and La Ştiolne
  • Scăriţa Belioara Nature Reserve
  • The wooden church in  the village of Poşaga de Sus
  • Poşegii Gorgees


‘Scăriţa Belioara’ is one of those wonderful places that seems to be shy enough not to become spoiled by mainstream tourism. It lies here, in the Apuseni Mountains (their name translates as “Mountains of the sunset”), waiting to be discovered by those few, who are able to truly relish its relaxing, pristine and authentic feel.

This place is beautiful throughout the year; however, the spring endemic flowers and the autumn colors painting the landscape in October, make this place truly dreamlike.

Our hike will start in the Muntele Băişorii resort, on a trail that begins from the peak of the mountain, at about 1300 meters altitude. We will follow it, weaving through the landscape, over the meadows and glades, passing by long forgotten picturesque wooden huts, towards Scăriţa Belioara.

The reserve’s giant walls, towers, caves and sharp rocky peaks will undoubtedly impress you, as they seem quite foreign to this place. Besides its beauty, this nature reserve is one of the most important and spectacular in Romania, due to the large diversity of rare plants growing here.

At the end of the hike we will reach the village of Poşaga de Sus, where we will pass through the Gorge of Poşaga and visit the old wooden church, built in the 1700s.

Transportation: We will leave from Cluj-Napoca, and return to the city by private car or minibus (depending on the size of the group)

Recommended group size: 1 to 8 people

Flexibility: The tour is flexible and can be altered on the spot, depending on the group request, weather condition, and your physical training.



  • Type: Hiking and cultural sightseeing
  • Recommended gear: Hiking boots/rain coat/small backpack/hiking sticks/water bootle
  • Dificulty: Moderate (5.5 - 6 hours hiking with 600 meters elevation
  • Distance from Cluj-Napoca: 1h45 min drive